DDD’s solutions support your business and fill skill gaps with reliable BPO solutions that make a lasting impact.


Content and Data Science Solutions

DDD is a recognized leader and trusted digital transformation partner to organizations looking to transform and monetize their content. Our clients depend on our content conversion, extraction, structuring, enrichment, and transcription services to ensure that their content can reach new markets and generate new revenue streams through improved search, visibility and engagement from users across multiple devices and platforms.


AWS Cloud Solutions

DDD’s AWS cloud solutions help clients manage and optimize their cloud environments from initial design through migration, build, deployment, and ongoing management and maintenance. Our cloud engineers help ensure our clients IT infrastructure and applications are available, scalable, and secure – at the lowest cost of ownership.


Machine Learning Solutions

DDD prepares high-quality, structured training data sets at scale to train, test, and improve machine learning algorithms to help deliver real world applications. Our scalable workforce has expertise in use cases around categorization, annotation, transcription, extraction, and content moderation across a wide variety of data types including speech, text, image and video, and more.


Social Research Solutions

DDD combines data collection technology with on-the-ground human intelligence to help our clients make better decisions and deliver better outcomes. Our team of experienced field researchers and interviewers conduct qualitative and quantitative research in Africa across various sectors including financial services, healthcare, education, sanitation, and agriculture.