Machine learning teams and AI startups leverage DDD’s 500+ training data associates to prepare high-quality, structured training data sets at scale to train, test, and improve machine learning algorithms that deliver real world applications.


What makes us unique is that we set up dedicated teams selected for specific backgrounds that are given specialized domain-specific training. These purposefully built teams remain consistent throughout the engagement resulting in a lower total cost of operation and higher quality data sets.


Image Annotation

Accurately categorize and tag images and video based multiple criteria designed to create structured formats.


Optical Character Recognition

Search and index large data sets, extracting metadata from multiple formats including handwriting, text, images, or video.


Facial Detection & Recognition

Recognize, analyze, and verify facial attributes from images and videos.


Natural Language Processing

Collect, classify, and process customizable training data sets for optimal performance.


Moderation & Enrichment

Enhance search relevance with domain-specific content moderation using human intelligence.

Sentiment Analysis_Artboard 1.jpg

Sentiment Analysis

Analyze mentions of your brand online in real-time with a customizable scale of responses.