Smart Protection for Premier Consumer Brands

Human Intelligence for Brand Defense
Maintaining and protecting your brand in multiple markets and online channels is a growing challenge. Ensuring appropriate price levels and product line positioning cascades as you attract partners and competitors. As the owner of a valuable brand, you also face constant attack from unauthorized dealers who seek to reap rewards from your brand, damaging your profitability—and undercutting your legitimate dealer network. Worse yet, counterfeit products can erode your brand over time, as unknowing and unsatisfied consumers question your brand promise. Tracking retail pricing and potentially fraudulent activity yourself is daunting. Automated web scraping tools or homegrown scripts are increasingly defeated by more sophisticated technology and are illegal for certain applications. Taking enforcement action is time-consuming, expensive, yet important. DDD’s suite of brand protection services provides ongoing monitoring and actionable reports from a dedicated team of experts.
DDD’s complete tiered service offering provides the best defense to understand, detect and enforce your brand integrity on the Internet.
Online Price Monitoring
DDD’s first service tier helps you understand your key products’ retail pricing and positioning against direct competitors’ or complementary brands in the markets that matter to you.
Monitor local, regional and global marketplaces
Get easy-to-understand, actionable product-by-product analysis vs. key competitors
Validate which brands are carried with your products
Document Potential Fraud
Once you understand pricing and positioning in each market, GrayMarketGuard detects and documents potential fraud from unauthorized channels, counterfeit and gray market sales.
Identify potential counterfeiters and unauthorized resellers
Learn which resellers are violating MAP agreements or engage in parallel activity
Get the evidence you need to enforce compliance
Automate Enforcement Action
Add leverage to your brand protection units by engaging DefendMyBrand services against known violators to safeguard your brand and legitimate reseller partners.
Capture and trace company and contact information
Send cease & desist letters and monitor results
Send takedown notices to online marketplaces and monitor results

PriceAudit reports are customizable to include the competitive products and features you want to track, the markets that are most relevant, and URL references
High-Quality Data:
We augment the latest automated data collection technology with experienced auditors who apply deep web-searching techniques and analysis for high-quality, accurate, and complete data. Since humans can mimic regular customer behavior, our teams overcome technical barriers designed to root out automated web crawling bots and ensure true pricing data.

Easily Customizable:
Focus on the product, market, channel and competitor data sets you need, when you need them. DDD’s teams are flexible and adapt when your priorities change. Request reporting at variable intervals, the way you want it, including direct entry into corporate systems.

Surprisingly Affordable:
DDD’s brand protection services provide a quick return on investment compared to in-house resources and technology, or worse, the cost of ignoring the problem. That’s because DDD is proud to have a committed, but lower-cost workforce that delivers superior outcomes based on long-term client experience.

Consistent with Brand Values:
An award-winning social enterprise, DDD pioneered the “impact sourcing” model that provides structured opportunities for young men and women from low-income families to complete higher education while gaining meaningful work experience.
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