The White House Historical Association (WHHA) was founded in 1962 to enhance the understanding and appreciation of the Executive Mansion. From 1962 through the mid-1980s, the WHHA worked with photographers to document major events and day-to-day life in the White House. These images were preserved on 35mm slide film, remaining in storage for more than two decades.The physical slides were at risk of degradation given their age and many had never been scanned before. In the early 2000s, WHHA switched to digital photography, generating roughly 7TB of image files that were stored on external drives. The digital files were also not being utilized as the were stored on external hard drives and thus unsearchable.

WWHA partnered with DDD to digitize their image collections. DDD associates digitized the images, adding metadata and creating searchable files for their digital asset management (DAM) system. The digital files were then optimized and processed for Amazon Glacier cloud storage for long-term preservation.

With these digital images, the WWHA was able to create a Digital Library - launched on Amazon Snowball - to ensure public access to these unique records and to protect the physical assets by creating digital copies.

WWHA was recently awarded the Digital Preservation Award for their significant and innovative contributions to securing digital legacy.