Phabphada Dokbouathon

Vice President


Phabphada Dokbouathong is the Vice President of Operations for DDD Laos. Phabphada has been working for DDD for more than 13 years in various operations and project management positions. Her contribution has been essential in establishing and growing DDD's digitization and research business in Laos.

Over the years she managed several high-profile local and international projects for DDD with full ownership for operations performance, people management, customer service, and project financials. In her current position she is accountable for the overall operations performance and social impact mission of DDD's Vientiane office and leads the staff of 330 people. Phabphada has a bachelor’s degree from Comcenter College and is currently finishing her MBA in entrepreneurship and innovation at Khon Kaen University in Thailand.

Phabphada DOKBOUATHONG.png