Bouddy Siribang, Laos


Like many in Laos, Bouddy Siribang was born to a hard-working but poor family. The fifth of six children, Bouddy attended a nearby primary school where she was often the object of ridicule due to a serious limp, which was the result of poor medical care she received as a child.

Bouddy did not let her disability hold her back. In 2009 she joined DDD as a data management operator (DMO) who has a track record of hiring individuals with disabilities.

Bouddy starts her day before 5:00 AM and rides her bicycle for 45 minutes to reach the DDD office in Vientiane. Her shift starts at 6:00 AM when she and her DDD colleagues start their work digitizing a U.S.-based magazine. “I enjoy my work because I learn a lot from the stories in the magazine,” she said. In the afternoon, she pursues her degree in accounting at Pakpasack College.

Bouddy is grateful for the learning and practical experience she has gained at DDD and is confident she can fulfill her goal: “I want to become an accountant. The next time I walk into a big office to apply, I will walk out with a job contract and a big smile on my face.”