We create more than just jobs. DDD creates sustainable opportunities for underserved youth, their families, and their communities. Our model is recognized as one of the best in the industry for identifying talent, providing the necessary training and support, and finding jobs with sustainable earning potential.



We look for talent, motivation, and drive and we know how to find it. We use aptitude testing and motivational interviews to identify youth with skills and attributes for success. Half of our staff are young women; about 10% are youth with disabilities.




A comprehensive training program starts prior to onboarding and continues throughout one’s career with us. We provide English language, time management and life skills programs, as we know these are the building blocks for employability and success. Our technical training ranges from data entry and research to 3D scanning applications development and cloud computing. As employees advance, we prepare them for increased responsibilities with project management, people management, and leadership training.




We want our employees to stick around, and we know this requires us to have a long-term commitment to those we hire. While working for us, we provide our employees with scholarships and loans to pursue their education at the university level as it makes them more marketable and prepared for life-long employment. We know this unique opportunity for both personal and professional development is important to our employees and is a big part of why our attrition is well below industry average.




DDD retains the best talent and provides our employees with continuous professional development  opportunities so they can continue to progress. Whether they stay at DDD or move on to other professional jobs, our graduates experience a 9x increase in lifetime earnings compared to their peers.


Here’s a look at our
most recent impact metrics

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The combination of training and work experience propels DDD graduates to earn lasting higher incomes. On average, DDD graduates earn USD $175,000 more than their peers throughout their lifetime.