Global Impact Sourcing Coalition

DDD is a proud member of the Global Impact Sourcing Coalition.

The Global Impact Sourcing Coalition (GISC) seeks to build more inclusive and productive supply chains through advancing impact sourcing among multi-national corporations and their network of vendors.

As an Impact Sourcing Services Provider, DDD confirms our support for the practice of impact sourcing, and our intention to commit to provide impact sourcing as an important service to Buyers, as well as to work towards harmonization and standardization of own practices in line with the Coalition’s definition, tools and methodologies.

We commit:

  • To respect the Coalition’s Operating Charter;
  • To respect and adhere to the Coalition’s Anti-Trust Compliance Policy and Non-Solicitation Policy;
  • To publicly promote the vision and mission of the Coalition upon admission to membership and thereafter as appropriate;
  • To pay annual membership dues in full and on time;
  • To publicly endorse and use the definition of Impact Sourcing and associated tools and methodologies developed by the Coalition;
  • To participate in Coalition meetings and in-person convenings;
  • To provide information for the purposes of the Coalition’s reporting on activities;
  • To undertake and perform such other obligations as may from time to time be required of members under the Coalition’s Operating Charter, policies and rules.