Digital preservation, Cloud-based digital archive and collections management system for one of the world’s largest archeology and paleontology collections


The National Museums of Kenya (NMK) is the custodian of Kenya’s natural and cultural heritage. With over 10 million artifacts, fossils, and specimens, its collections represent the longest record of human evolution in the world. For years, NMK sought to preserve these rare and important collections through digital preservation to mitigate the risk of losing valuable information and records due to decay and the passage of time. 

DDD is enabling NMK to achieve this objective by creating an entire digital records management, collections, and archiving system on the AWS Cloud. The DDD team is also digitizing the collections including undertaking 3D imaging, photometry, geotagging, geo-spatial analysis and training the NMK teams. Additionally, DDD is creating a virtual museum experience for the public, while providing access to the rarest of materials and artifacts to the research and academic community. 

Dr. Mzalendo Kibunjia, Director General of NMK, said, “The searchable digital archive will not only be of immense value to researchers worldwide, but will also make our evolutionary history and culture more accessible to the younger generations which would foster a deeper and richer understanding of our heritage.”