Bankable Frontier Associates (BFA) is a global consulting firm specializing in using finance to create solutions for low-income people. BFA was conducting a study about the financial behavior of low-income households in Africa through financial data collection and the compilation of “Financial Diaries.”

DDD’s field research team worked on a landmark study to collect detailed data on the financial behavior of 300 households among low-income families in Kenya across 5 locations. DDD associates visited households every two weeks for 18 months, collecting over 500,000 transaction entries. Data included information on on wage, income, spending habits, day-to-day expenses, capital expenditures for businesses, and schooling costs. With this data, BFA was able to create a collage illustrating the financial behavior of the poverty-stricken, giving researchers a vivid picture of the lives of low-income households. A similar study was conducted on a smaller scale in Tanzania, funded by CGAP.