DDD offers an engaged, motivated workforce that allows your business to be more efficient and globally competitive.


Today, we successfully deliver work to hundreds of international clients from four operation centers around the globe.

For nearly two decades, DDD has provided content, data, and technology services to the world’s leading organizations, and enterprises, including universities and research institutions, cultural heritage organizations, nonprofits and NGOs, and commercial enterprises.




DDD has helped some of the world’s largest companies, market leaders, and innovative startups efficiently and cost-effectively unlock the value of their content with our content and data science solutions, product support, and transaction processing support services.



Universities & Research Institutions

DDD has worked with more than 50 leading universities and academic institutions around the world that value our commitment to supporting higher education for our employees through social impact programs. As a recognized industry leader in archive digitization, data enrichment, data tagging, and social research support, our services are sought after by academic departments, libraries, archives, and research centers.



Cultural Heritage

DDD has a 15-year track record in digitizing historically significant and culturally important collections and archives for national and state libraries, museums and archives, and cultural heritage organizations. We provide cost-effective content conversion, digital archive, database, technology support, and preservation solutions for managing, preserving, disseminating, and monetizing our clients’ digital content.



Non-profits & NGOS

As a non-profit social enterprise, DDD understands how NGOs, non-profits, international development organizations, and other mission-driven organizations operate. We offer efficient, competitively priced specialized capabilities using a socially responsible model that allows your organization to create additional social impact.