Case Studies

Machine Learning Solutions

AMP 1.jpg

Computer Vision for Robotics

Corporate, Machine Learning Solutions

DDD partnered with AMP to input this valuable data, including segmenting identifiable recycling materials using color-coded polygons.

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Microsoft AI Solutions

Machine Learning Solutions

DDD helped Microsoft verify, classify, and tag hundreds of auditory utterances and accurately and efficiently transcribed the audio files.

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Computer Vision for Sports Analytics

Machine Learning Solutions

DDD partnered with a sports analytics company to improve their video training data by tagging and categorizing sports videos for teams.


Computer Vision for Aerial Imagery

Corporate, Machine Learning Solutions

DDD tagged and annotated images for drones to better monitor farmers' crops and detect pests and diseases earlier.

Transcription for Healthcare AI

NGO, Machine Learning Solutions

iWantGreatCare partnered with DDD to transcribe the hand-written feedback surveys from patients.

Handwriting Recognition for Document Analysis

CULTURAL HERITAGE, Machine Learning Solutions

DDD partnered with researchers to tag, and label difficult to read, complex handwritten data to train engines for intelligent document analysis.