Mary Wakarindi, Kenya


Joining DDD has been a life-changing opportunity for many of our youth. Mary Wakarindi, age 24 joined DDD in December 2013, after learning about DDD from a friend.

“I’m from a humble background. After high school, I could not afford the fee to go to university. My family could not support me and I don’t have parents. But I always wanted to go to university,” Mary said. “So when my friend recommended I join DDD, it was the best opportunity that I could get,” she added.

As an orphan, Mary had limited opportunities before DDD. She is now an associate at DDD, working on digital projects for global clients such as web research, handwriting transcription, and image editing.

At the same time, Mary is in her last year of university, studying public policy and administration. Mary has also struggled with the challenges of being a woman in what she still sees as a very male-dominated field of study in Kenya. She explained that, “in Kenya, these are the kinds of courses and jobs that are left to the men, making our country’s policies, making the laws. As a result, they only make decisions that favor them. We don’t get a chance to make rules and laws that favor women. But with my university course, I’m in a better position to handle these jobs.”

Eager to work in the Kenyan government, Mary sees real possibilities for change. She hopes to inspire other women to grow and learn. And while she knows it won’t be easy, she is ready for the challenges ahead. She said, “I think it’s going to be exciting. I will face many trials, but it will be good learning. And with me being there, I can help others grow and help them.”

In the meantime, Mary continues to work full-time at DDD and now leads our Quality Team. At age 26, Mary has been through a lot but with determination and optimism, she will continue fighting for gender equality—in Kenya’s government and beyond!