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DDD Brings the Impact Home

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This Veterans Day learn how you can support employment and opportunity for military families in America with Digital Divide Data (DDD) and Liberty Source

DDD is proud to announce Liberty Source, a new U.S.-based company that delivers service such as finance and accounting, human resources, customer care, specialized industry processes—and social impact--by employing U.S military spouses. Liberty Source is the newest operation in DDD’s network of delivery centers that span East Africa and Southeast Asia.

Bringing Jobs Back Home

Liberty Source is the first onshore alternative to traditional offshore outsourcing, providing a range of benefits to its customers including rapid standardization, competitive cost and the ability to tap into large pools of talent. Liberty Source delivers its services from historic Fort Monroe, Virginia--and creates employment and opportunity for military families in America. For more information, please visit

Harnessing the talents of military spouses

More than 750,000 spouses of men and women serving in the military have limited flexibility to pursue their own careers. As a result, they are 30% more likely to be unemployed, even though they are more highly educated than the civilian population. Locating our operations near military communities allows us to help unemployed and underemployed spouses step onto the first rung of the career ladder. They put their educations to use and learn the necessary skills and capabilities to flourish in professional jobs.

Linking business needs and social responsibility

Liberty Source provides value to organizations seeking to satisfy both their commercial needs as well as their corporate social responsibility. As a Public Benefit Corporation, Liberty Source’s shares are fully owned by DDD, a 501(c)3 nonprofit organization. DDD's “Impact Sourcing” model is championed by the Rockefeller Foundation. Learn more here.